Associated Traders - sharjah  

This is the Head office of the group, and situated in the industrial area Sharjah, very close to the CATERPILLAR office. Having swiss replica watches established in 1977 we are keeping a 23 years of  excellent service history.


We stock a wide range of rolex uk excellent quality parts for CATERPILLAR machines and our stock consists of Engine spares, transmission spares, radiator core, oil coolers, gauges, seals, gaskets, universal joints, ground engaging tools and undercarriage etc. from USA and UK.

Apart from the above mentioned parts, we deal with   most of the parts for the KOMATSU, CUMMINS, PERKINS,   KOBELLCO and DETROIT DIESEL.

Developing  a close relationship with all our customers and acquiring the understanding is necessary to provide  our executive brand of service, which is our motto. attention to detail competitive pricing  and personalized customer service is our fake watches aim. Over the past we have  achieved that with many satisfied customers to back us on this claim

In addition we have a fully equipped well maintained service facility for  thorough service/repairing of the CATERPILLAR machines and engines.

Last, but not least, we fully warranty our services and parts  against any workmanship or manufacturing defects respectively.

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